Grossman’s artworks are in a collection of major collectors including:

Rudy Giuliani, Jacques Chirac

As well as in permanent collection of numerous museums:

Milwaukee Art Museum (Chicago, USA)

Modern Gallery Museum (Zagreb, Croatia)

Russian Art Museum (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Jewish Museum (New York, USA)

Chelyabinsk Art Museum (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

Along With Worldwide Exhibitions:

“The artist describes his style as associative, in that it allows each person to dream and approach reality in his or own her way.”

Dr.Dorel schor (Art critic)

“His pictures seem to produce a magnetic field of attraction, enhansed by a powerful and creative energy.”

Professor Gregory Ostrovsky (Doctor of art history, art critic)

“Eduard Grossman the artist creates his own personal world, one communicating in a language that is unique yet universal.”

Hana,Barak Engel (Curator)

“When we immerse ourselves for a long time in Eduard Grossman’s painting, we become convinced that this world is beautiful and marvelous”.

Professor Gregory Ostrovsky (Doctor of art history, art critic)

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